Unsure Whether Your Financial Adviser or Stockbroker is Living Up To Your Expectations?

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The Kueser Law Firm has developed an innovative software package that allows it to compare how an investor’s portfolio has performed compared to a portfolio that is prudently managed based upon the investor’s age, goals, risk tolerance, and other individual objectives.

This investment portfolio review is constructed on a “money in” less “money out” basis and also accounts for fees and/or commissions that may be charged against the portfolio’s value.

The end result is a report that shows the amount of gain earned or investment losses sustained in the investor’s portfolio and a comparison of the gain or loss that would have accrued had the investor’s money been invested in ten separate investments (typically mutual funds).  In addition, the report reveals the gain or investment losses that would have occurred in the portfolio had the investor’s money been invested in a prudently managed portfolio.

From this analysis, an investor is able to determine whether their portfolio has been managed prudently, as well as a basis from which the  investor can initiate discussion about changing the investment allocation with his or her financial advisor.  While The Kueser Law Firm provides this service independent of other legal services, the report may reveal that the investor has a claim against their financial advisor.  If that proves to be the case, the investor may consult with the firm about representing them in a claim.  However, the investor is also free to consult with other attorneys.

If you would like to discuss the performance of your investment portfolio and whether it may make sense for The Kueser Law Firm to perform an investment portfolio review, please contact us at (816) 374-5865 or complete the form to the right and an attorney will contact you.