Practice Areas

  • Securities Arbitration and Litigation

    Securities Arbitration and Litigation

    The Kueser Law Firm focuses its practice on representing individuals, groups, and companies in securities arbitration and litigation…. Investment-related cases typically involve claims of securities fraud, unsuitability, churning, unauthorized trading, and other claims such as breach of fiduciary duty.

  • Startups and Small Businesses

    Startups and Small Businesses

    Are You a Business Owner? Have You Incorporated Your Business or Set Up an LLC? Is Your Business Ready To Succeed In Your Absence? When Was the Last Time You Met With an Attorney To Make Sure Your Business Planning is Accurate and Up-To-Date? Starting a business is an exciting, yet stressful process.  There are […]

  • Estate Planning

    Estate Planning

    Estate Planning is Necessary for Everyone. Do Not Put Your Family’s Future at Risk By Failing to Plan. The old adage “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail” is never more true than in the area of estate planning.  Ensuring that your loved ones are protected in the event that you die or become incapacitated […]

  • Promissory Notes & Financial Advisor Employment Disputes

    Promissory Notes & Financial Advisor Employment Disputes

    Stock Brokers, Financial Advisors, and Other Financial Services Representatives:  Are You Involved in a Dispute With Your Current or Former Employer about Your Employment or a Promissory Note? The Kueser Law Firm has experience representing stockbrokers, registered representatives, and other financial services industry professionals in employment disputes, including cases involving forgivable promissory notes. Employment disputes […]

  • Consumer Fraud & Commercial Litigation

    Consumer Fraud & Commercial Litigation

    The firm’s litigation practice is focused on ensuring that our clients’ legal and personal needs are met. As such, we strive to provide efficient, personalized representation to each client. In addition, the firm is responsive and accessible to its clients.

  • Investment Performance Review

    Investment Performance Review

    Unsure Whether Your Financial Adviser or Stockbroker is Living Up To Your Expectations? The Kueser Law Firm has developed an innovative software package that allows it to compare how an investor’s portfolio has performed compared to a portfolio that is prudently managed based upon the investor’s age, goals, risk tolerance, and other individual objectives. This investment […]

  • Stockbroker Expungement

    Stockbroker Expungement

    Stockbroker expungement cases are technical in nature and stockbrokers and financial advisors should not try to navigate an expungement case on their own. Stockbrokers and financial advisors can remove customer complaints from their permanent record through the expungement process.  Customer complaints against stockbrokers and financial advisors are serious.  In the financial services industry, complaints are […]

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