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    Representing investors who have been the victims of securities fraud, investment fraud, or stockbroker misconduct.


    The Kueser Law Firm is a boutique legal practice that is committed to vigorously representing its clients.  The firm focuses its practice on protecting the rights of investors and recovering investment losses for victims of securities fraud, investment fraud, and other stockbroker misconduct.  In addition to representing clients in securities arbitration and litigation, The Kueser Law Firm also provides representation in consumer fraud and commercial litigation, as well as employment disputes.  The firm also provides investment performance reviews and other general legal services.   The firm’s principal attorney, Jason M. Kueser, is a former financial adviser and has represented individuals, groups, and companies in securities arbitration and litigation. He has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of his clients and has also represented consumers and investors in class action litigation against some of the largest companies in the country.  However, past results afford no guarantee of future results and every case must be judged on its own merits.


    Investors can recover losses related to securities fraud, investment fraud,  or other stockbroker misconduct.


    Many investors are not aware that their stockbroker or investment adviser may be legally responsible for their investment losses.  However, there are regulations and laws written specifically to protect investors.  Although state and federal securities regulators work hard to protect investors, these agencies often lack the resources necessary to protect everyone.  If your retirement savings or other investments have been mismanaged, it may be necessary to take action to protect your financial interests.   The majority of investment claims are filed in FINRA arbitration.  In addition, thousands of cases are filed each year in federal and state court, AAA arbitration, and other private arbitration forums.


    Investment Fraud is a broad term — Securities claims take many forms.


    Investment related cases often include securities fraud claims; however, a stockbroker does not need to commit “fraud” to be liable for investment losses.  Many cases involve claims of negligence, breach of contract, unsuitability, breach of fiduciary duty, churning, unauthorized trading, or over-concentration.  These cases are generally brought against stockbrokers, financial advisers, investment advisors, registered representatives, and other financial industry professionals, as well as the firms they represent.   The Kueser Law Firm is located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  Jason M. Kueser is licensed to practice in Missouri and Kansas.  In addition, because many states allow out-of-state attorneys to provide representation in arbitration, he may be able to represent you in another state.   Please browse this website for more information about the firm, as well as general news and links to helpful resources.  You can also find information about various types of stockbroker misconduct and securities claims, up-to-date news on a variety  of topics, various investments and investment related issues we are currently investigating, as well as our Investor Resource Center, which contains links to financial websites, regulatory agencies, and other organizations.  You can also find information on our blog.


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    • Jason is an outstanding attorney and has my personal and highest recommendation as a person and as a professional. He is extremely knowledgeable, very personable, trustworthy, honest, reliable, maintains high integrity and takes much pride in his work and representation of his clients. Jason cares about you as a person as well as a client, which I have never found in another attorney. Jason has a heart as well as being the best representation you will ever obtain at a reasonable cost. Your best chance of obtaining the results you want in your case is to hire Jason Kueser.

      Tony Felitsky
    • David Van Noy Satisfied Client

      I have found Jason Kueser to be the most diligent, thorough and reliable attorney that I have ever met. If I needed to give a referral for any type of legal matter my first call would be to Jason Kueser.

      David Van Noy, Jr.
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